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National Stalking Awareness Day

National Stalking Awareness Day is Thursday April 24, 2014. This year's campaign is entitled "Working Without Fear" which seeks to raise awareness and end workplace stalking.

Stalking and the workplace:

  • 1 in 20 callers to the National Stalking Helpline are stalked by a colleague or ex colleague.
  • In a quarter of cases reported to our Helpline, a stalker will present at the victim’s workplace, however other research indicates that half of all stalkers present in the workplace.
  • 50% of stalking victims reduce or stop work as a consequence of being stalked (Pathe and Mullen 1997).
  • Many stalkers who present in the workplace will be ex-partners of female victims of stalking who may have also experienced domestic abuse within the relationship.
  • Feldmann and colleagues (1997) found that stalking cases in general resulted in workplace violence 44% of the time and this increased to 67% in medical facilities.
  • The Workplace Violence Research Institute found that 90% of corporate security professionals had handled 3 or more incidents of men stalking women in the workplace and claimed stalking was related to homicide in 15% of cases (Smock and Kuennen, 2002).

We have written a guide for employers about how best to support those affected by stalking in the workplace. You can download that document by clicking on the link below (please be aware this may take a few minutes to download):

National Stalking Helpline Handbook

At Ending Victimisation and Blame, we fully support this campaign to raise awareness of stalking in the workplace. As with the crimes of domestic and sexual violence and abuse, victims are frequently blamed for being stalked. Women have the right to live their lives free from harassment and stalking.

You can get support from the following organisations in the UK:

National Stalking Helpine: 0808 802 0300

Network for Surviving Stalking

The Suzy Lamplugh Trust

Women's Aid

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