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Data Protection & Confidentiality

Due to the activity on twitter recently, this post is a clarification on our Data Protection & Confidentiality policies. Updated June 24, 2013.

Data Protection

We are exempt from registering with the Information Commissioners Office and the details of this can be found here.  We will continue to check with the ICO and update our policies as required by law.

When sending a submission to our site, the only information we hold is your name (the one you choose to give to us). When your submission is published, only the name that you have chosen to share with us is publicly visible.  We do not hold any other information, such as email or IP addresses.

If you comment on a submission, we hold your IP & email address on a confidential server accessible only by our website administrators. We need this information to manage content and it helps us keep the site spam-free.  We do not share this information with any other organisation or agency.

We take our website security seriously, and have strict regulations in place in order to limit who has administrator privilege.

If you wish us to remove your comment or submission, we will endeavor to do this within 24 hours and all of your personal information (IP & email - applicable for comments only) will be deleted at the same time, so it will no longer be accessible to our web admin.  You can ask us to remove content by clicking here.


The information you share with us will not be shared with any other organisation.  We do not share emails, submissions or comments with any other organisations without your express, written consent.

If we feel that anyone, particularly a child, is at risk of significant harm, we may be required by law to share the personal information that we hold about you.  The relevant section of The Children Act 1989 is Section 47. We will endeavor to discuss this issue with you first.

Please contact us if you require any further information.


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