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Another ignorant judge allowing inappropriate mitigation.

Dear Mr Grayling

I am contacting you in your capacity as Lord Chancellor, Secretary of State for Justice.

I am absolutely appalled about the outcome and ridiculous reasons given regarding the outcome of the recent case of sexual abuse (not 'sexual activity' as reported incorrectly and irresponsibly in various media sources) of an 11 year old, girl at the filthy hands and mind of Suleman Maknojioa.

The sentence passed and excuses given by Judge Michael Byrne are damaging, insulting and completely damaging to future cases of sexual abuse brought before the courts. What excuses are we to expect next? He committed a heinous crime against a vulnerable child in his care. This deserves a prison sentence. His wife’s lack of English speaking skills and other family commitments are immaterial. He sexually abused a child. How does that amazing brave child and her family recover from that? What kind of message does it send out to people (women, children and men) of what to do if they find themselves in this dreadful position. Say nothing as any excuse could get the perpetrator off scots free, bravely attend court and be humiliated and degraded at your experience, which fails after all your emotional and physical efforts.

I am appalled at Judge Michael Byrne’s comments, his lack of respect for the victim (the most important person in this trial) and his damaging precedent set for other abusers and their grubby legal teams to use flimsy excuses for abusing vulnerable people in their care.

This is not care or empathy for a brave victim and her family. It is a travesty. The damage is done; who knows the impact now and in the future on this innocent child, her future relationships, responses from her school, community and her family. I fear further lame excuses conjured up by powerful abusing monsters like Suleman Maknojioa will be used to slime their way out of an illegal, immoral, disgusting action of abuse and power. He deserves a prison sentence to go along with a long stay on the sexual offenders register.

I look forward to your comments on this worrying, damaging decision made against a brave young person treated appallingly by not just the dreadful Suleman Maknojioa, his legal team (well done guys, sleep well) and the legal system. this girl was brave enough to go through an horrific experience and she was badly let down. I’m disgusted and ashamed that this has happened in our developed country, the creator of the legal system.

She’s been let down, very badly. How many others will suffer the same as a result? How many others will avoid reporting cases of sexual abuse as a result?

I look forward to your response. I look forward to a change for victims of sexual abuse.


Gill Ward

This piece has been submitted by email, in response to this piece: http://t.co/TJ8kTfzmfj (via donotlink)

If you would like to formally complain against the sentence issues, you can do so via the Attorney General formal complaints process:


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