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Sharing a (tiny?) moral victory!

I wish to share a tiny moral victory with you that has been inspired by you.

I saw the biscuits shown in this image, and as you can see, it has the word 'slut' where a heart usually appears (on respectful Jammy Dodgers by, for example, made by Burton's Biscuits).


I tweeted the company involved, and then emailed them at their request. We had some back and forth email discussion about: appropriate words on biscuits, whether using 'slut' constituted 'harmless fun' (really?!), I forwarded the Guardian piece you Tweeted about the West Midlands Police etc etc.

I received an email from them today informing me that this year's Valentine's campaign is now over and, as such, there are no more being produced.  More surprisingly, they informed me that they have decided they will not include the word 'slut' on their Dodgy Jammers next year.

They listened and they acted quick.  Smart corporation with a close eye on the media and/or a responsible company..... Anyway, they responded and have decided to change their product.

I just wanted to share selfishly how a little something that means a lot can be changed and contribute, I hope, to a wider change.

Keep up the amazing work.  You inspired me to do this.

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One thought on “Sharing a (tiny?) moral victory!

  • Admin says:

    Thank you so much for this!!

    We love these ‘tiny’ victories (although we don’t think they are tiny!!)