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Vote for the Worst Police ‘Safety’ Campaign of 2015

Vote for the Worst Police Safety Campaign on survey monkey! We’re running this campaign to raise awareness of the ubiquity of misleading and victim blaming police ‘safety’ campaigns. We’d love your feedback on the individual campaigns and posters as we will be feeding the comments back to the relevant police authorities. These campaigns don’t exist […]

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West Midlands Police (@WMPolice) utterly irresponsible domestic violence campaign

We were sent this tweet today:   It’s safe to say we were utterly appalled by this poster, which demonstrates a complete lack of understanding of the gendered dynamics of domestic violence and abuse (DVA), how perpetrators work, and insists the victim (almost always the mother) is equally culpable for the impact as the perpetrator. This […]

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Another comment submitted to the site which replicates victim blaming attitudes

We frequently get comments submitted to our site which are meant to be supportive by actually replicate the same victim blaming attitudes we campaign against. This is a recent example: Perhaps more worryingly, you are allowing your bf to continue punishing you for what happened. He is evidently carrying a lot of insecurities himself from […]

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Victims of Domestic Violence own 50% of the responsibility

On a daily basis, we read some absolutely egregious examples of victim blaming culture: so many that we rarely have time to even log them, never mind deconstruct them. Today, we were sent a link to an article by Sallee McLaren called “The part women play in domestic violence” which was published in the Australian […]

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City Mayor encourages women to walk in groups in an effort to discourage offenders.

Sifting through the usual twitter politics, news and kitten pictures reports of a brutal crime was brought to my attention. One article in particular got my attention.[1] A young woman survived a particularly horrific rape on a usually busy street in Albury, NSW, Australia. While walking home from work at 6.30 pm, the 17 year […]

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Helping the Telegraph with some domestic abuse stats

(Cross-posted with permission from Safe Lives) When I tell my friends that I work for SafeLives, their reaction is often one of surprise. They don’t go so far as to say “But you’re a man” or “Isn’t domestic violence a women’s issue?” but you can sometimes see the question in their eyes. I work for […]

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Why Do We Believe Such Terrible Things About Men?

In the article ‘Why do we believe such terrible things about men that can’t be true?’, published yesterday in the Telegraph, Neil Lyndon responds to articles discussing statistics that show that one in three women is subjected to sexual violence, and that femicide is a leading cause of premature death for women by arguing that, […]

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Please email your MP re: anonymity for suspects in rape cases

We have drafted an email that you can send to your MP about the recent recommendation of the Home Affairs Select Committee to extend anonymity to suspects in cases of rape and other forms of sexual violence. You can find the email address of your MP here. Please send a copy to the following as […]

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Australian Judge rules that an act of rape of a 9 yr old did was not a violent act. (content note)

This is a response to an article in the Queensland Times “Ipswich man jailed after filming himself raping daughter” As Ending Victim Blaming recently published in “Victim blaming by legal professionals; why the English courtroom is unfit for women and children” Judges are not giving rulings and sentences that reflect the severity of the offenses. […]

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