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challenging institutional disbelief around domestic & sexual violence and abuse

The Sun

The Sun’s Campaign to Save Refuges

We are conflicted about this campaign from The Sun. Raising greater awareness of domestic violence is absolutely essential. Far too many people believe that domestic violence is something that happens to “those women” and most rarely consider who perpetrators actually are. The media rarely gives accurate coverage to the reality of domestic violence: that 1 in 4 […]

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Katie Hopkins & the need for an independent media complaints commission

We were absolutely horrified by the racist rant written by Katie Hopkins but published in the Sun. This article should never have been published. A responsible media would not have published an article likening migrants to cockroaches and referring to them as a “plague of feral humans”*. Frankly, a responsible media wouldn’t publish most of […]

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The Sun shifting the focus onto perp’s wife who stayed

Teacher Raped Pupil – so why does the Sun make it’s headline all about his wife? A recent Sun headline stated “wife stands by teacher hubby who fathered child with pupil”. Now, for a start, I’m already angry about newspaper reports telling us that teachers have had ‘relationships’ with pupils, instead of reporting the truth […]

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