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Dear Carol Sarler

[Added by Admin: This piece references this article in the Daily Mail. We’re aware that the article is a few mohths old, but we thought this comment to Carol Sadler was too good not to share!] Britain, it is a sad day indeed when the comments on the Daily Mail website are more agreeable than […]

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Saatchi delivers the final slap in the face to Nigella Lawson.

Charles Saatchi neglected all class today by taking over the spectacularly ill-informed and wantonly patriarchal Daily Mail in order to deliver a classic piece of minimisation and denial of his appalling treatment of his wife Nigella Lawson. He announced his decision to divorce Nigella in a statement to The Daily Mail. This appallingly crass behaviour […]

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Saatchi – it isn’t working

For a man who has successfully marketed the unpalatable, Saatchi’s recent PR seems like a public relations disaster. Most people were shocked by Saatchi’s public coup de grace (coup de crass might be more apt) delivered by via the Mail on Sunday.  However, are we really to believe his narrative?  Unlike The Marr Show’s paper […]

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Apparently, Charles Saatchi is just a “bore”: The DM’s response to Saatchi’s Violence

The Daily Mail is back with yet another piece of vile victim blaming. This time they are outright saying that Nigella Lawson was not a victim of intimate partner violence at the hand of her husband Charles Saatchi. According to the DM, Saatchi is not an abuser. Just a bore. Because strangling your partner is […]

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