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Russ Whitfield

‘Do footballers need to take rape prevention classes?’ – A Critique

After the recent introduction of consent classes to students in universities throughout the UK, and the clear lack of understanding surrounding consent in the media response to the Ched Evans case, I initially found the headline of yesterday’s telegraph article: ‘Do footballers need to take rape prevention classes?’ pretty promising. Were these (much needed) consent […]

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Telegraph does whole article about teaching men how not to rape while continuing to mis-educate about rape

Here’s an article that wound me up today, I invite you to be wound up too. Let’s start with the course itself.  It’s apparently “designed to prevent professional sportsmen from becoming embroiled in sexual allegations”.  What do they mean by sexual allegations?  An allegation that someone’s penis isn’t very big?  That they didn’t go on for long enough?  That they […]

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