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Believing the unbelievable

This is a formal statement from the Trouble & Strife collective on believing women, men and children who report sexual abuse. We fully support this statement and encourage everyone to read the full statement here. Believing the unbelievable. Feminists who campaign on the issue of sexual violence against women and children, and those who work […]

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The Reality of Ritual Abuse in the UK; or, why David Aaronovitch is wrong

Open Democracy has published a very important two-part article from journalist Bea Campbell in response to the deeply problematic David Aaronovitch radio program on ritual abuse.┬áRitual abuse of children does exist. There have been a number of successful prosecutions of adults for committing satanic ritual abuse, as there have been with other forms of ritual […]

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Formal Complaint to the BBC re: Aaronovitch’s misleading programme on ritual abuse

This is a formal complaint from RASAC South London. As we’ve noted previously, the BBC only allows a limited number of characters in their complaint forms making it difficult to enumerate the ways in which the programme hosted by David Aaronovitch was misleading and inappropriate. We are writing in support of the claims made by […]

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