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Bedford Police #rightchoice campaign holds victims responsible for domestic violence

Bedford police are running a ‘prevention’ campaign for both domestic and sexual violence and abuse. We’ve previously written on how their #rightchoice campaign blames victims of sexual violence and abuse for making ‘bad choices’ whilst erasing the perpetrator. Bedford Police are also blaming victims of domestic violence and abuse for the choices of the perpetrator. […]

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South Yorkshire Police (@syptweet) conflate rape with eating too much chocolate

Three days ago, we started a survey asking people to comment on the 5 worst offenders we’ve seen in police ‘safety’ campaigns.¬†Clearly, we started the survey too early as our twitter feed contained contributions from Bedfordshire police and the following from South York Police using the #noregrets hashtag. These are actual tweets using the #noregrets […]

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Vote for the Worst Police ‘Safety’ Campaign of 2015

Vote for the Worst Police Safety Campaign on survey monkey! We’re running this campaign to raise awareness of the ubiquity of misleading and victim blaming police ‘safety’ campaigns. We’d love your feedback on the individual campaigns and posters as we will be feeding the comments back to the relevant police authorities. These campaigns don’t exist […]

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Jeremy Corbyn and the women-only train paradox

We don’t support any single political party. In fact, none come close to meeting our standards on policies to end violence against women and girls. The Conservatives and Liberal Democrats decimated women’s services, made it more difficult to access child maintenance, and removed many safety nets to ending poverty. Current Conservative policies engage in flagrant […]

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