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Perpetrators are “high risk”, not victims.

For those in the women’s sector, police and/or wider social care DASH RIC will be a familiar acronym. It stands for “Domestic Abuse, Stalking and Harassment Risk Indicator Checklist. It was developed by Laura Richards (a criminologist) and CAADA (now known as Safe Lives) and is an evidence based system for assessing risk in a […]

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In the Know Campaign: why clarity is essential in rape campaigns

The “In the Know Campaign” is a very important campaign about rape which focuses on perpetrators and the legal definitions of consent. Personally, I’m not a fan of any campaign which suggests that men don’t understand consent – it’s not that men don’t understand, it’s just that they don’t think it applies to them. Men are […]

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Counselling, Perpetrators and Women’s Safety

In my work with survivors of abuse, throughout delivering training to practitioners and in conversation with people on the issue of domestic abuse, there is one myth that regularly reveals itself within people’s questions, conversations and interventions. That is the myth of perpetrator counselling. Often stemming from the need to believe that people only choose […]

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We support Ann Coffey’s amendments to remove the term ‘child prostitute’ from legislation

We are very pleased to see Ann Coffey, MP for Stockport, tabling amendements to the Serious Crime Bill which would see the term ‘child prostitute’ removed from legislation. We have been campaigning to see the removal of the term from language for several years now. The term ‘child prostitute’ suggests consent – that the child made an […]

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“There are no ‘blurred lines’ or grey areas.”: or why attending a White Ribbon March doesn’t make you a good guy.

We’ve had some interesting comments submitted to the site recently which we’ve chosen to publish anonymously as posts to make it clear what rape culture entails. Frequently these comments are written by men who claim to be “sympathetic” to our cause but then go on to demonstrate that they just don’t get what we do […]

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We must stop asking the same, cruel questions of the victims and instead set our sights on the perpetrators.

The numerous high profile cases concerning powerful men accused of sexual assault, abuse and rape has resulted in many a tongue singing the same refrains, “They’re only doing it for the compensation”, “How come, IF they’re not lying, they didn’t come out and tell someone before”, “It’s a witch-hunt”, “Why are we wasting public money […]

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