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I am Guilty. I am Woman.

I Am Guilty. I Am Woman. I’ll just get my coat on I think and then I’ll pop off down the local police station and hand myself in. I may as well really. Because the crimes I’ve amassed as a woman are mounting. I did not breastfeed. I had breasts with milk in them and […]


#ManWeek: My first Love – How fathers will prevent domestic homicides.[1]

At Ending Victimisation and Blame, we support all campaigns that seek to end the epidemic of violence against women and children [2]. We believe that the answer to this epidemic lies in both the education of men to prevent abuse and the non-judgemental support of women and children through the NHS, social services, police services, […]

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Feminist Times – a response to Taboo Corner.

Today, with much anticipation, a new feminist Magazine was launched. Feminist Times – Life, not Lifestyle.  I was expecting a mix of news, interesting women, issues that aren’t reported in mainstream media and generally something that would fill the gap since the demise of Spare Rib. Incidentally, the founders of Spare Rib had not wanted […]

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What has happened to a victim centred approach in cases of domestic abuse in the English criminal justice system?

A domestic violence review comes after a number of high profile cases where protection for victims fell below expected standards. Why has it taken Home Secretary, Theresa May so long to commission Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC) to carry out an inspection into how police forces are responding to domestic violence? Domestic violence is not a […]

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Authority, Obedience and Teen/teacher “relationships”

Ok, so recently there’s been a few stories of teachers sleeping with teenage pupils. Many people have been (rightly, in my opinion) outraged by the teachers’ behaviour. However @paintsnature wrote an article in the Washington Post about how she believes that automatically criminalising these relationships is a bad idea. In the piece she argues that […]

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What do you have to do to break the Editors’ Code of Practice?

This was sent to us via email, by @zoesqwilliams.  It is the Press Complaints Commision response to the Daily Mail coverage of the Michael Philpott case. ************************** I write further to our recent correspondence regarding your complaint against the Daily Mail. As you will be aware, the Commission received a number of complaints under Clause […]

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