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Domestic Violence ends with the murder of an infant

Police in Connecticut are currently searching the Connecticut River for the body of 7 month old Aaden after his father, Tony Moreno, jumped from the Arrigoni Bridge late Saturday night. Moreno survived after his family members told police that he was threatening suicide. The first article we saw on NBC  did not include details other than […]

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[email protected] neglects some crucial information in headline: murder

Australian Andrew Klaussner, 40 has been sentenced to 15 years in prison for strangling partner  Elizabeth Barnes, 39, on September 26, 2013. You would not realize that Klaussner committed murder  from the original title and tweets used by The Age who went with this headline: Klaussner killed Barnes. He then left her body lying on […]

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Lost without translation

(cross-posted with permission from Language: A Feminist Guide) In Melbourne in 2007, Marzieh Rahimi, a 33-year Dari-speaking woman who had come to Australia as a refugee from Afghanistan, was killed by her husband Soltan Azizi. He had a history of violence towards her, and before her death she had made two calls to the emergency services. But […]

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If we’re serious about ending men’s violence against women and girls, we need to listen to feminists

The UK’s lack of “a consistent and coherent approach to tackling violence against women”  has been criticised in an official report  by the UN special rapporteur, Rashida Manjoo .  In addition, last week Professor Sylvia Walby, UNESCO chair of gender research at Lancaster University, criticised official statistics for drastically under-representing the scale of  violent crime against […]

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When is a murder not a murder?

The news reported today that police are looking for the suspected killer of a pregnant woman who was stabbed to death in Bradford. The police released the following statement: “While the murder investigation is at an early stage we are treating this as a domestic-related incident.” A domestic incident. In my book, a domestic incident […]

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Strangulation is not a “tiff”

Premier League star Danny Simpson facing jail for throttling ex-girlfriend after drunken tiff* Danny Simpson has been convicted of the common assault of Stephanie Ward with whom he has a child. Ward, who did not participate in the trial, had called the police on December 29th. According to the police, Ward was shouting “get off […]

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This Is a War on Women: Erasing Jed Allen’s Choice to Kill

Janet Jordon is responsible for her own murder and that of her partner Philip Howard and 6 year old daughter Derin. At least, that’s what Victoria Ward has written in the Telegraph this week: Jed Allen isn’t responsible for killing his mother, his half-sister or his mother’s partner because he “had a troubled family life and had […]

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170 Bikers Charged in Melee With Roots in ’60s

This is actually the title of an article* that the New York Times used to discuss the death of 9 people during violent gang warfare between rival motorcycle gangs. They have actually used the word ‘melee’ when prosecutors will be charging 170 with ‘engaging in organised crime linked to capital murder’. Whilst there is no […]

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The Sun’s Campaign to Save Refuges

We are conflicted about this campaign from The Sun. Raising greater awareness of domestic violence is absolutely essential. Far too many people believe that domestic violence is something that happens to “those women” and most rarely consider who perpetrators actually are. The media rarely gives accurate coverage to the reality of domestic violence: that 1 in 4 […]

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Father kills daughter as she has migraines.

Randy Janzen made the choice to kill his 19 year old daughter Emily, her mother Laurel and his sister Shelly. He then killed himself during a standoff with police who were alerted to his post on Facebook claiming responsibility. His statement claims that he did this to ‘spare’ Emily the pain caused by constant migraines, […]

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