Everyday Victim Blaming

challenging institutional disbelief around domestic & sexual violence and abuse


The closure of @EavesCharity

We are devastated by the closure of Eaves: a charity dedicated to supporting some of the most vulnerable women. They were one of the few avowedly feminist organisations and one which made it clear, over and over, that men’s violence against women and girls are both a cause and a consequence of women’s inequality. Eaves closure comes […]


Lost without translation

(cross-posted with permission from Language: A Feminist Guide) In Melbourne in 2007, Marzieh Rahimi, a 33-year Dari-speaking woman who had come to Australia as a refugee from Afghanistan, was killed by her husband Soltan Azizi. He had a history of violence towards her, and before her death she had made two calls to the emergency services. But […]

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Our campaign demands for the General Election

These are the 6 issues we will be raising with the various political parties and our individual MPs. Some of these issues will be easy to implement – such as the insistence that no woman ever be denied support due to migration status – others requirement serious commitment by political parties to ending male violence […]

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The Government’s domestic policy on violence against women and girls is lagging behind its efforts abroad, says Human Rights Committee

We are publishing the full press release of the Joint Committee on Human Rights as we believe it needs to be read in full. Our organisation has serious concerns about the way austerity cuts are damaging specialist services working with women, children and men living with domestic and sexual violence and abuse. We believe that […]

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