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West Midlands Police (@WMPolice) utterly irresponsible domestic violence campaign

We were sent this tweet today:   It’s safe to say we were utterly appalled by this poster, which demonstrates a complete lack of understanding of the gendered dynamics of domestic violence and abuse (DVA), how perpetrators work, and insists the victim (almost always the mother) is equally culpable for the impact as the perpetrator. This […]

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Domestic abuse: Police ‘nearly overwhelmed’ by increase

Where to start on this? The refusal to mention the perpetrators, which makes it sound like victims are creating this problem themselves? The fact that the police are posited as the victims here – feeling “overwhelmed” and finding the workload “excessive”? Or the fact that once again we’re supposed to celebrate when reported violence against […]

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“Is This Rape? Sex on Trial” – a critique

The programme “Is This Rape? Sex on Trial” could have been brilliant, albeit with a different title. Here was an opportunity to educate around the law on rape. Yet the legal definition was given briefly at the end. It’s taken that everyone knows what rape means, yet this programme, for one thing, demonstrates that it […]

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Criminalising women for failing to testify in cases of domestic violence makes a mockery of the justice system

A young mother in the state of Florida has been sent to jail for contempt of court. Her crime: failing to appear at the trial of her former partner despite being subpoenaed. A video of the hearings has been released. Yahoo News claims it shows the mother “emotionally pleading with a judge as she is […]

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“It is hoped the relationship will get back on track.”

Craig Ward was given a non-contact order after he admitted assaulting his girlfriend Helen Dunham. He then applied to have his bail conditions relaxed so he could go on holiday with Dunham. The magistrate, despite police specialists on domestic violence raising concerns, said yes. It is difficult to tell from the article whether John Davis, […]

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