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Adam Johnson: “besotted” and the implication of contributory negligence in child sexual abuse

Adam Johnson, who was convicted for child sexual abuse, has lost his challenge to the Court of Appeals. He will continue to serve 5 years for the sexual assault of a teenage girls. At the time of his arrest, Johnson was found in possession of extreme pornography. It is very clear that Johnson used his […]

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Dani Mathers and the reality of intimate images shared without consent

By now, everyone will have heard of the incident in which model Dani Mathers took an image of a naked woman in a gym without permission and posted it on her SnapChat with the caption “If I can’t unsee this then you can’t either”. The media went with the headline ‘body shaming” when they first started covering the […]

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Patrick Kane: Another athlete under investigation for rape. This time it’s the Black Hawks fault.

Chicago Blackhawks player Patrick Kane is currently under investigation for rape. As we see with all athletes accused of violence against women and girls, as with Ray Rice, excuses are already being made for Kane. According to an article in the New York Times,  National Hockey League commissioner Gary Bettmen has already labeled the investigation “unfortunate”, proving that he […]

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Blame shifting headline following Jeremy Jackson’s sexual assault of Chloe Goodman

The following headline appeared in the Independent on Sunday 11th January 2015: Celebrity Big Brother housemate Jeremy Jackson removed following Chloe Goodman incident This headline clearly shifts the blame of Jeremy Jackson’s sexual assault of Chloe Goodman by referring to it as ‘Chloe Goodman incident’.  Nowhere in this article does it mention the words ‘sexual […]

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Celebrity Big Brother & David Lee Travis

We are extremely disturbed to hear that Celebrity Big Brother has approached David Lee Travis to appear in the next season. It is completely inappropriate to reward men with convictions for violence against women and girls with public platforms. We have seen this with Jim Davidson, whilst he was under investigation as part of Operation […]

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Jimmy Savile – Excuses, Cover-ups and Ignorance.

The information contained in the Jimmy Savile reports will not be a surprise to those who have been following this horrific case. Aside from sexually assaulting women & children who were both patients & staff of NHS facilities, it is clear that he sexually assaulted dead people – after being given unfettered access to the […]

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