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Man arrested for racially-aggravated sexual assault. BBC headline gets confused with a carry-on film.

Due to the limited number of characters allowed by the BBC informal complaints, we have sent the following about the conviction of city lawyer Alistair Main:   Alistair Main has been convicted of one count of racially-aggravated assault and one of sexual assault. You minimise his criminal act of racialised sexual violence in your headline […]

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The @BBC remain incapable of correctly identifying child rape.

This is the brief complaint we have submitted to the BBC over an article entitled: “Outrage over 60-day jail term for sex with young daughter”. The BBC limits the number of characters that can be used in a complaint.   The title of your article is “Outrage over 60-day jail term for sex with young daughter”. […]

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.@BBC misusing the term ‘child porn’. Again.

“Glee actor Mark Salling charged over child porn possession” We have filed a formal complaint with the BBC about their use of the term ‘child porn’ in yet another headline. These are the facts of the case: Former Glee actor Mark Salling has been formally charged with two counts of receiving and possessing images of […]

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The BBC: still using the term ‘child porn’

Here we have the BBC, once again, using the term ‘child porn’ when they mean ‘still or video images of children being sexually abused, raped, and tortured. Peter Allott, who is the deputy head of St Benedict’s Catholic school in Ealing, has been charged with “possessing, showing and making category A indecent images of children”. […]

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.@BBCthree response to our complaint about #sexontrial – complete with victim blaming.

This is the response from the BBC to our complaint about the program Is this rape? Sex on Trial. The limit on characters means we cannot put in a proper evidenced complaint. We will be raising this issue further, but we encourage everyone to send in formal complaints so that the BBC understands the breadth […]

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Forget the victims, save all your sympathy for the poor overworked police: BBC

The BBC report on Dame Elish Angiolin’s independent review “Report of the Independent Review into the Investigation and Prosecution of Rape in London” with the classic headline Rape investigations ‘overwhelming burden’ on Met Police According to the BBC, the report includes 46 recommendations, which address areas including resourcing, improved training, enhanced victim care and changing the […]

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The BBC responds to a complaint: Badly

This is a response from the BBC to a complaint raised by Claire Moore about their coverage of the murder of Claire O’Connor who they dismissively refer to as “the body in the boot”. We wrote about their coverage here. As ever, the BBC refuses to acknowledge that their coverage of women’s murders is disgraceful […]


I despair of the BBC News website – reporting on Polanski (content note)

Severe CN: Child rape in explicit detail The BBC website reports on the Polish extradition hearing for Roman Polanski in the article http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-31618390 In the very first paragraph, the BBC declares that the USA is seeking to extradite Polanski on charges of sex with a 13-year-old girl. No, BBC. An adult does not have sex […]

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