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anonymity for rape defendents

Please email your MP re: anonymity for suspects in rape cases

We have drafted an email that you can send to your MP about the recent recommendation of the Home Affairs Select Committee to extend anonymity to suspects in cases of rape and other forms of sexual violence. You can find the email address of your MP here. Please send a copy to the following as […]

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Words will sometimes hurt me: how the BBC reinforces rape culture

I heard a fascinating piece on the PM show on Radio 4 last week about an internal English Language department, staffed by a handful of linguistic experts. Their job is to ensure the BBC’s published and broadcast news maintains high standards of grammatical accuracy and a consistently impartial, authoritative yet approachable, ‘tone of voice’ across […]

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Anonymity for rape defendants – bad idea in 1975, 2010 and now

Anonymity for rape defendants is a bad idea that benefits one key group of people – rapists. (originally published in 2013 here) It was a bad idea in 1975, when it was how rape cases were conducted. In 1975, lest we forget, men still had the legal right to rape their wives (they had this […]

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