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why are police officers so cruel unkind uncaring and pretend to be someone else isn t that illegal

Today I have had the most cruel thing do to me so far from Merseyside Police officers the cruellest thing to date. I was waiting for my taxi to come and a car came speeding down the road stopped look at me and my daughter at asda and then speeded of. Today I gave some stuff to a new school about the children about my child's needs and their trying to stop us moving and the children going to a new school even though they don't want to help my children here on the wirral. Before Christmas a car came up the road where I lived I was walking past a bus stop on the left side of me and my child we turned into our road and crossed over to the other side. Opposite us their was a range rover waiting and crossed back to us as we started to walk the path it came towards me and my child up on the pavement to frighten me into silence. My childs foot went under and I had to steady her then the car went past us speeding and went up the road and turned down the streets. I have had my rant on twitter about the bullying and intimidation by police officers and again they said they have investigated my rape and abuse but in a document by my local authority in a child protection meeting it categorical said the police never spoke to the nurse at the hospital but two social workers in a two year gap had spoken one two years before and then two years after just before the document was read out in that child protection meeting in the documents Merseyside Police had never ever spoke to the nurse or other people in a housing support told me they never contacted them who saw bruises and that the nurse saw I had been raped. So he was the ex police officer said that they had investigated the crime but they never had and I know I ve spoken to one of the persons last year at a women's centre who said still worked for the same housing trust that the police never contacted them. How cruel are police officers to keep rubbing it in my face to say they have investigated when it's written down in documents and child protection documents at the local authority safe guarding unit saying they have never investigated or spoke to the urology nurse. Tonight one police officer on my twitter said ring 101 because I was worried about my and my children's safety I was about to ring when this ex police commissioner said it been investigated they just want to hurt me even more put the knife in and be so cruel and twist what I have been through. I went on twitter tonight I guess the police at ASDA were on my twitter pretending to be kind and waiting for information they could so they could use it against myself and my children. I told my befrienders the night the car came towards us on the phone she turned around and said she pray for us not bothering to come around and see if were all safe. The other friend took us to Sainsbury's next day to get a bandage for my child's ankle all I see is people being really cruel unkind and for me at times I have been unkind back reacting on how they are treating me and my kids. They have never wanted to find out the truth they never wanted to help me and my children. They don't know what it has cost me to stand up and fight for the truth for six years I have lost my health and I probably wont get to see my children grow up and get married. I have no real friends who I trust because they the church have been given evidence to the police I can not access services because of them the NHS trust the local authority and some of Merseyside police officers blacklisting my name or my children name. What kind of police officers want to hurt two kids who have nothing to do with my complaint what does it say when they just want to shut me up and silence me what does it say that it was ok to rape abuse me and my children because I was your wife and you were a father to our children. What does it say when you feel that they could hurt you at anytime and nobody cares enough to stop them. I had respect for the police the ones who were law-abiding the ones with integrity non of them now to me have that all along they never want to investigate anything because I went to the ipcc but not to get them in trouble but for them to know I couldn't be a right cow and lie about rape and abuse because its serious and I am a Cristian and lying for me is against god and my belief. I have seen the worst in the police their not respecting women and victims of sexual abuse and rape and if you have a mental health diagnosis they just think your crazy and your a lair. I was going to ring the police tonight but I know they wouldn't have listened or cared they pretend to care pretend to safeguard and bully me instead. I thought the police would never ever treat women like this but I'm wrong not only women but kids. All they have wanted to do is destroy me destroy my kids and my family all of them to me hate my guts and im being blamed because it's costing them money to safeguard me. I all ways from a little child respected the police I teach my kids to respect the police live within the law but I guess they think I have no right to stand up and critize them because of how I have been treated I am not allowed to voice my sadness and my pain. All I feel is a nobody a nothing to be abuse bullied lied about and made out to be mad crazy. Just like my ex was telling everybody she's crazy and she's a liar. Why for six years to fight to be heard to be treated in this cold callus way/


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