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Was I raped

I had been hanging out with this boy. I already told him about my rape when I six by my father, but when I told him he started laughing. I told him I wanted to watch movies only. He started kissing me and I told him to stop but he didn’t. After numerous of times of saying no I gave in. When he entered me he forced himself in and I screamed stop but he didn’t. I started pushing and choking him but he pushed my hands away. Every time I pulled away he pulled me back and forced hisself inside of me. Was I raped?



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One thought on “Was I raped

  • Archeloa says:

    Yes, you absolutely were. You repeatedly said no, and this should always be enough. He had no right whatsoever to do any of this to you.
    I am very sorry for all the pain you endured. You are not alone ; never forget that. I wish you all the best.