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victim not recognized (content note for rape)

I'm from Texas in a small west country town. On June 27 2016 I was raped by I don't know how many guys that I thought would never hurt me in a cruel disgusting way. My boyfriend was incarcerated at the time but received a letter from a person I also thought was my friend but ended up hurting us both by writing what she thought was the truth. See in my story I was laced up cause I don't remember anything total blackout I had spoken to my best friend at the time which later found out he was part of this evil plot. He reinacted what he saw whenever he found me he described that the two other individuals that had drugged me up were still here while I was unconscious he noticed my head was buried in the couch whither a blanket over me then he lifted my head I wasn't breathing a pale blue.... he was disbelieved and scared that he went over to my mother's too let her know but the words couldn't come out but still telling my sister to go check on me well after my sister finally heard him out I woke up to phone ringing when I woke up I was dazed and confused because I woke up with my clothes off and my red shirt I was wearing prior that night had some type of stain whenever I got up from the couch I felt soar scared n then that's whenever I felt something running down my vaginal area I was disgusted... really I was mad angry trying to remember but tell this day still can't remember what had happened then was taken to hospital like about two hours later never did I think this would happen to me again see my father is serving a life sentence for sexually molesting me whenever I was five years old to almost eleven years old I didn't want this to happen to me or anybody else. It took everything from my state of mind my relationships my trust but after token to hospital and yet still waiting on my results I believe a lot of people were involved including the corrupted police officers in this town n due to my past I can't get no answers.


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