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victim-blaming, Sussex Police

I go to University and recently heard from a student who was attacked by a fellow student. She was encouraged to go to the Police by staff who she told in confidence, but the Police told her "are you sure it wasn't flirting?" and encouraged her to drop the charges because it would affect his studies. I was shocked and appalled. It's 2013. The authorities must be made to answer for this sort of horrific victim blaming.

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3 thoughts on “victim-blaming, Sussex Police

  • Admin says:

    Thanks for this comment – I hope your friend is getting some support.

  • Sue Rose says:

    Your friend should go back to the police and also report what was said to her by the police. I know this will be taken very seriously indeed. I hope she has support.

    • Admin says:

      We are mindful that not everyone trusts the police to deal with rape, domestic abuse and sexual violence properly – and also, instructing women on what they should and shouldnt do is often unhelpful.
      Maybe you could make your comments sound a little kinder, and a little less prescriptive, so that the user feels able to reply and engage in discussion with you?