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Using the word ‘victim’

This submission was sent to us by email.  We have removed the name of the emailer, as requested.

Subject: The word victim

Hello I love site and reading the submissions was tearful and uplifting at
the same time.
I do have a bit of a problem with the word victim, I prefer survivor, now
thriving. Victim is not empowering for us, well me. I am a survivor of
childhood abuse and domestic abuse and rape as an adult but as I healed I
realised that I was not a victim, as I thought, but an incredibly
strong/resourceful woman, feeling like a victim kept me in that place as a
I am not criticising as I think its challenging to find a word that "fits"
everyday survivor blaming doesnt really sound the same.
Anyway keep up the brilliant work that you do and I support you 100% in
challenging the language culture and attitudes around violence against women
and girls.



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