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As a 14 yr old runaway from an abusive an neglectful home I hitch hiked to N.C. With my 16 yr. old sister who had previously married a high school boyfriend that joined the Marines.
While living there in a trailer with "friends" of my sister I met a man named JH* who lived down the road and was very well liked and respected by his military neighbors.
He seduced me with wine, faked compassion, faked paternal concern and Boz Scagg
The morning after I lost my virginity while sleeping in his bed, his thirty some girlfriend knocked on the front door. He asked me to be quiet.
He answered the door, I got dressed and walked out of the front door, much to his dismay and hers.
About a week later my sister and I hitchhiked back to NY and JH* drove us to the border of NC saying it would be illegal for him to take us over state lines.
He gave me rosary beads and cried.
Several yrs. ago my sister tried to return the rosary beads to me saying "he cared about you "
My response was " He took advantage of me."


(names redacted to protect writer)


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One thought on “Truth

  • An On says:

    It sucks this happened to you and that you have to live with this while he gets away scot free – appreciate you sharing