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Police and stalking

Twenty months of harassment and stalking and still no conviction or help.

Having left my husband following an incident of strangulation in 2014, I have been subject to following, contacting friends and family, work and social media abuse the police have still yet to charge.

Being told by my husbands probation officer as he found a story of mine on the internet that I'm slandering and harassing him even though it was anonymous.

Another report to the police, another police officer with a lack of understanding, who told me that my friends should not he telling me if he messages them as it's none of my business and causes me huge distress. He messages them asking about me! How they know me? Do they see me?

I was told to come off all social media and not to post anything on there about him as it's harassing, however he is allowed to post daily on Facebook about me and spread lies, as the policemen told me he has the right to a freedom of expression!

Is this fair? I have found that I'm isolated from everything and not allowed to do the things he does even though I'm the one who hasn't breached a non molestation 3 times.

The policemen even suggested that the people coming into my garden and moving my furniture around are the local homeless people. Why would they? This only has happened since I've separated from my husband. No one comes into the garden and just moves stuff around.

Yet again, had to deal with another policemen who sadly did not understand stalking. He did not know i'd been strangled by him, my children had been physically assaulted by him.
Another huge failure and yet again I'm left to pick up the pieces.

Emotionally drained by the whole situation, been to marac 6 times and still no end to the situation.

Now I'm faced with the battle in family court as he's applied for full residency of the children stating I'm emotionally abusing them.


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One thought on “Police and stalking

  • Erin says:

    I’m so sorry. Do you know about http://www.thehotline.org/?

    I have gotten a lot of help from my local domestic violence shelter, even though I do not live there. Legal, psychological, medical, everything.

    You take care and know that this stage of your life will not last forever.