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Police abuse

Raped as a teen many years ago -my treatment by the police left as many scars as the rape -disbelieved bullied denied basic human rights such as food & drink -lectured & patronised -many years later I made a complaint by letter & got an apology but I don't doubt that young women are still mistreated by them


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One thought on “Police abuse

  • lynda says:

    thank you for sharing its sad really that not all police officers are kind caring and treat other human beings in a unkind manner. Some police officers behave so unprofessional to others especially as a teenager your already traumatised by the rape you have suffered from to be treated as if your the person who attacks another person and also its your fault what has happened to you. No nothing has changed in the police force maybe certain police forces help and support victims of rape and abuse but some don’t. I ma so sorry that you were treated like this but I know how you feel because unfortunately I have been treated this way to and at times its made me feel so sad and hurt that are police forces can behave in this way to victims of rape and abuse. You think that we have suffered enough by are bodies being violated in such a inhumane way that those who are supposed to protect us treat us in the same inhumane way as are rapist. Tonight on twitter playing games again the police seems to me pretending to be someone else a person that has been really supportive and kind and police officers can play these games and think its fun sad really that we have a police force who play psychological games with vulnerable people instead of being the person they were supposed to be being someone else because the person all ways signs of with a saying and the way they wrote today wasn’t the same person than the person who always tweets me on a regular basis always says the same thing at the end This is what we as human beings have to put up with the police pretending to be other people bullying me even though they were asking me things it wasn’t the same person. Its sad that professionals can behave in this way, do we want victims to see our police forces behave in this way sad really that they don’t take their job seriously or how victims of rape really feel. When will people take victims of crime seriously why does it seem that their is no accountability openness and transparency in the police. why can police officers have this mentality to others and a little regard of others feelings or behave so unkindly or make out their nuts. Once someone wrote that were all the same I am the same as others who are law abiding. I am the same as others I just see things differently but were judge ridiculed by professionals and played mind games when we disagree or complain. I guess as women, men, children who have suffered rape, abuse we are the same as you we feel when you behave badly to us were sad that you don’t respect or take us seriously, were sad and hurt when you make out were crazy. were sad when you bully ,sad and hurt and angry. were sad, hurt when you don’t take accountability or our honest about your behaviour to us the public you serve. the public you made a pledge to serve with integrity, to help your fellow man. It hurts when to me you show that you did not take me seriously or believe me when I was raped. it makes me sad that you keep hurting me and bullying me. it makes me sad and hurts me when you don’t like what I say and take offence to my words and my pain. Its sad that you never knocked on my door when I cry my eyes out at night because you’ve hurt me by not believing me and then bullying me. It hurts that you see me as a threat, it hurts that you have played on my mental health. it hurts when your treating me not like an equal, it hurts and makes me sad that you make out to others im delusional. it hurts and makes me sad when you intercept my post or stop me getting medical care. it hurts and makes me sad when you never wanted to help my children and bullied them too. it hurts when you don’t want me to get an education, it makes me sad when you refused to help me so ive turned my back on you because you ve treated me and my children disgracefully. it hurts and makes me sad when you discuss me and my children with church members or listen into my conversations or my therapy sessions. it hurts me when you haven’t been confidential with my distress, abuse and my mental health. it hurts and makes me sad because you stopped getting my son help and proper assessments for his dyslexia and autism. it hurts that you can do what ever you want to hurt me and be unkind and cruel at times make me sad hurt and angry and I can’t go and ask for help because your not honest about your behaviour towards me and laugh and blame me when I get angry, hurt or sad. its sad that you can behave like that to two children who have never harmed you or is involved with any of this to do with the IPCC. its sad that I each day can’t talk about this properly because you want to make me out as crazy especially when others say the same words at the end of the tweet but you’ll tell others im delusional and paranoid. its sad that you don’t want me to go to another trust or access mental health care because you blacklisted me because I told and stood up about bad care. you’ve made me sad and hurt me because you lied to others who believed other professionals before me because I was raped. your hate and indifference to me I receive each day from your behaviour towards me. the sad thing is I had faith in some of you to behave differently towards me and believe in me but nothing has changed. I thought someone of you would stand up and say this is wrong we shouldn’t behave is this way it makes me sad that you just don’t care for others the way I would have stood up and said this is wrong to treat others in this unprofessional unkind cruel way. its sad that the police force in united kingdom not all behave so badly. its sad that if you don’t like someone their face or what they say can be treated in this way. it makes me sad and hurts my soul and its sad that you have no respect for the public you serve or the police office that you hold and the pledge you made when you became police officers. its sad the indifference and power you wield to hurt others this way. Its sad and hurts me when you don’t respect the good police officers who help and care about other human beings. its sad that they want to make a difference in the communities they serve, its sad that we are obsolete the victims of rape, abuse and are suffering in emotional pain. it’s more when you disregard what we have suffered from and when you don’t believe us is a knife that daggers my heart and soul and makes me want to cry. I feel so sad and hurt that you never believed me or my children or took me seriously you played with my heart mind and soul, my emotions and made me so sad sometimes its hard to breathe the pain you have caused me and the sadness and deep distress. At times it feels like being violated all over again. The sad pain in my heart.