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I grew up with domestic abuse. When I was little I thought my god mother was my fairy god mother because that was where we were sent to when 'things got bad'. It went on way after I was old enough to get phone calls at friends etc. not to go home - this was pre-mobiles era.
We were 'told off' for laughing too much, spending too much time reading, not closing the gate 5 hours after coming home etc.
The more we complied the greater the control.
Police were called and went.
I'm 60+ now.
Not a lot seems to have changed for 'domestic violence victims 'my mother didn't get any appreciable help.
It only stopped when my brothers were strong and old enough to physically intervene.
Me, in my early teens I had to threaten him with a knife. This is the first time I have ever 'spoken' about this.


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  • susan says:

    Thank you for taking that step to post on here what happened to you.
    I believe you, it can be difficult to make that step so well done you.

  • Thank you for sharing a little of your story. I know how difficult this has been for you and how the emotional conflict that comes as a result of this kind of abuse during childhood and later is constantly with you throughout life. I hope you are receiving some support and some help but I know how difficult it is to access this; it is only when in crisis that help seems to be forthcoming these days.If it is any consolation you are not alone and there are people who are fighting this corner and giving voice to the thousands of people who have been neglected and abused in all the heinous and different ways that exist. Take care, Michael.