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No Justice Still

As a survivor who still desire to have justice done for what was done to her; I too am totally against the justice system. The SC System told me that I was in the right and I should pursue justice for what was done. However, since I included extra people in my Civil Lawsuit Claim, they allowed a dollar to cloud of judgement of conviction. There were three judges where he has admitted what was done to me. However, since I came to their state from New York and making their Attorneys look stupid as they have perjured themselves; they all have defaulted in the actual lawsuit. Judges acting like he wasn’t aware of previous court appearance where he gave me a direct order which was in fact done; judges should have been recused from the case because they were all doing wrong. One judge did tell another judge that he needed to make Motion to Amend but that didn’t work either because they wanted to outwit the victim.

They raped victim every time they did wrong themselves. Had one person who worked for the Mayor, X said, “All you have to do is prove that something happened and the cops didn’t protect you as a victim.” K County Police denied anything happen; it didn’t matter that I had original arrest warrant, report any other evidence they needed. I was accused of making up the form myself. How would I do that if I didn’t know anything about what happened in SC? Just one thing would prove that something happened. When I got back to NY, there was a business that offered money to the victim if she can prove that it happened in SC. I proved that to them and they started making payments for lost income not for the actual crime against me. However, when I given Mr. D that information and that proved that the police was lying, once again, they failed to do their job even finding that the cops were negligent in providing a victim all of her rights. Case Closed is what he stated. Every year that the Mayor’s were changed they received a letter from me showing exactly what happened. What happened? Outside of trying to kill me twice, I was kidnapped, holding or preventing you from leaving; he took wires out of my car, after his grandfather and mother told me to get out of their house. After his mother told him to go get the phone she’s going to call the police. I lived so far into the country F person said, “You too far into the country we don’t go out there.” Raped, Kidnapped, almost killed me. Still have evidence yes never destroyed it. Even have a recording stating to the judge, “Everything that she said he’s done he has admitted to doing it.” Magistrate judge dismissed case without prejudice and told me to take it to supreme court because monies owed were above his limit.


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