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next of kin 2

as if its not bad enough that englands ever so polite, wales police wrote on my file "only complaining to get compensation" no i.r recorded.

I thought they might want to cross reference other complaints about the same old man, or maybe his other victims, maybe like my brother. who has extensive criminal history.

my brother gets away with a lot though. smash and grabs  ... 1982, -1986. kicking my collie dog repeatedly while he lay in fetal position, pretending to smash a bottle over my head to see if passer bys in cars would stop. placing stuff in the middle of ... rd after dark. stealing out of the till in the family business. dating women until their bank a/c is empty.

manipulating women into bouncing chqs across Australia and England. executing dads estate and just putting everything into his own name. threatning me with "ill be sending my friends to pay you a visit" sending a statue of a mouse with its head in a trap to me through the mail.

our cousin committed suicide after two mnths with D... in australia .
(cousin) mother ... , wont speak to any of us after that. D... was refused attendance at  funeral.

my friend complaining she was drugged and "taken advantage of" by this brother. a women contacted me on face book to say she had a child with my brothers twin ... I don't have a twin brother ..., so I had to brake that to her. he put in writing that I'm evil,spiteful,a waste of space, an idiot, thick as two short planks. he puts in writing that his enemies were responsible for the drink spiking and multiple rape I suffered in 1993.

my boyfriend said he left me because of my brother, but not befor deliberately infecting me with herpies.and his drug dealer threatened me with "things happen to little girls during the night" they deal drugs in ... now.

the police wont do anything, and I was refused a v.r.o. on both of them. the police wrote on my file that I had mental health issues, was a serial complainer,that I'm not a credible witness,

then national security came around to my house to see if I had acsess to guns, I was made to feel bad about my self. by them.

by my grandfather who said I was unwanted, that I would just end up a prostitute.

by my father who constantly yelled abuse into my face.

by my brother,who is protected by ... lack of probate laws.and police disinterest.

by my ex boyfriend. who states "no one could ever love some one like you"

and by my mother who is dismissive and basically called me a lier. other peoples incorrect paraphrasing doesn't make me a lier.

there is no help from legal aid or probono law clearing house or even womens law centre.

the brother doesn't pay child support, cant prove his history, and lives on dads 100 acres ... rent free. men win by being bad people.so why stop doing it?

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One thought on “next of kin 2

  • Bronwen Davies says:

    I’m more sorry than I can say. I hope you were able to pursue a complaint against the police regarding what had been written about you.