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Narcissistic abuse, gaslighting, crazymaking via Twitter

About 3 years ago I was approached by a verified account on Twitter, a man in the public eye and in a VERY high ranking position and known all over the World. He became very friendly with me, telling me I was his soulmate, that he was in love with me, he also became very sexual with me, sending me photos of himself, I didn't of me although he asked. He had told me that he was single after a bad relationship but this was a lie and I found out about it. For the past three years he hasn't wanted me to speak about him and 'us' and has sent his friends to spy on me online, they set up accounts in my name and harass people pretending to be me, they accuse me of being crazy and have launched a whole smear campaign against me. He even had the Police visit me and tell me to be quiet about what happened. He denies that he did anything and I was obsessed with him and am crazy. (Gaslighting).I now know that all of these tactics are those of a Narcissist. He has accused me of stalking and harassing him but these are all the things that he has been doing to me. I have to remain anonymous online because he is so influential I am scared what he could do to me. He told me one minute that he was in love with me and always would be and the next minute that he was going to destroy me. He belittles me from his main account and calls me names, leaving little remarks that only I or his flying monkeys would understand. He has abused me by proxy and contacted people I have spoken with or even fallen out with online so he could gain them on his side. He got his friends to set up a whole hashtag belittling me and my apparent mental health, he even spreads rumours that I am not me. He sets up social media accounts and photoshops my face, he harasses other people and then tells them it's me stalking them. Nobody would believe me that he and his friends are stalking me (and not the other way around), he is in such a position of authority that I can understand why nobody would believe me. I'm the one blamed though, despite it being his indiscretion, his cheating on his partner and his abuse of power. I haven't contacted him since I found out about his cheating, this was three years ago but to maintain his image and check that I am not posting evidence of what happened he persists in trying to control my online movements so I know that he is still watching me. In the current light of the harassment claims, it has encouraged me to write this despite being scared to but I would be interested in how many women have been approached on Twitter by a verified account, man in an influential position and has gone through similar. I've kept all screenprints, his texts to me, answerphone messages if I ever need them as evidence. I've got screenprints of the hundreds of accounts set up to intimidate me but I think the Police would think I was crazy if I went to them and said this particular person has been harassing me by proxy for three + plus years.



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