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My husband doesnt believe me

I cant believe this has happened to me. My husband and i have had a rocky first year of marriage. We fight alot. Then he disappears for days without any reasons. He didnt even want to be together on our 1st anniversary. So i decided to go to a mutual friends place to get high. I had been up for 3 to 4 days and then began to smoke herion. The night gets really blurry after that. Somehow we go back to my house and smoke more and i laid on my bed not intending to fall asleep but i did. In the morning i woke up with no pants on and my friend on the floor. I asked if we did anything he said no. I believed him. But two days later i got what i thought was a yeast infection. However it wasnt. I passed it to my husband once he decided to come home. I didnt mention the smoking herion with my friend becuz i didnt think anything had happened that was wrong. Two weeks later my yeast infection hadnt gone away my husband and i have a fight. I tell him its over. He tells me i gave him an std. I begin to replay the events that happened two weeks prior. I trusted him. Then my friends girlfriend told me that my friend has the same std. Shocked and my husband thinks i consented. I dont have any memory of any sex. I was passed out. Now my husband wont talk to me. Calls me names and its truly the worst thing that has ever happened to me.


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