Everyday Victim Blaming

challenging institutional disbelief around domestic & sexual violence and abuse

mommy dearest

I was contacted by a anouther women who has been abused by my brother , financially and emotionally. I've learned that he grooms women by presenting himself as the most amusing , charming and helpful person in the room, when the truth is he's a compulsive, manipulative, deceitful abuser of women and a fraudster, a thief.

iv wasted time blameing my father for his lack of compassion, patience, the decades of pysclogical abuse and mymothers biological father for the brief but disturbing sexual abuse.

i cut my mother out of my life for being dismissive ,assuming, for being ignorent in her victim blaming. in her first thought being about "whats best all round"
best for who?

such a sad disappointing lack of closure when the police wont keep an incident report # for when i comlplianed about the pedophile. ,for blocking communication and being unapproachable,for writing on my file "only complianing to get criminal compensation"
wherein fact i felt it was appropriate to aknowlege m history of being an abused, and a neglected child and perhaps have police intelligence acknowlege profile and facilitate . to keep an official record in case other victims might have needed to come forward and be believed . therfor a "credible witness".

but most of all i blame my self for bailing him out of jai in 1986, so he could skip interstate and escalate his abhorent deviate activities, explioting those who might of loved him. feeding his self rightous anger by hurting others. justifying his manipulative abusive behaviour , through false , twisted perceptions and allegations.

but where to from here? a current affair? a private investigator? therapy? move into "the court bar" permantly? the cheap bubbly is rather acceptable

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