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Marriage and Rape

I was married over 10 years have children. Been through different life stuff to include homelessness kids and health issues even cheating. I was responsible for for every one in home from morning till night. There were days I wanted to sleep for a week, worked 8 hours, came home do family time and just want bed. My husband is negative put downs , yelling threats are constant.On this occasion I was almost a sleep and said no leave me alone. My husband took sex that night. I was stunned that he would do this. It happened a few more times before I got the courage to file for divorce, am attempting to move out of state. My son's 10, 7, and 5 are already picking up the negative aspects of the personality. When I had a conversation with my soon to be ex his actually said" I am sorry sacrastically that I wanted my wife more than my wife wanted me.." he did not even apologize and like he saw nothing wrong with what he did..


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