Everyday Victim Blaming

challenging institutional disbelief around domestic & sexual violence and abuse

I think they all knew and it had happened before

I was silly for not seeing the red flags but once my abuser got me fully in his clutches. I had moved to his area and thought his mother was part of my support network as much as his.. As I was alone. I called her the first time he choked and beat me.. He took the phone off me and said listen mum she's pretending and proceeded to choke me. I always fought back.. Not to be an abuser but I refused to lay on the floor and take it. Once he was strangling me with my newborn asleep upstairs I panicked as I started to black out and turned my ring and went for his head and his face. He did let go.. But chased me up the stairs where I pushed him and he went down. I did try to grab his jumper. his face was marked he took photos of himself and told his mum I pushed him down the stairs. I shouted yes I also defended myself and my baby ... I refused to be broken and trodden on. I have only just left him and you can imagine the things that are being said their end. But I dont care after attending a BBQ with two black eyes and not one of his family asked. Shame on the lot of them. I know the truth and I know by their defensive behavior and calculating ways hes done this before ..


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