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I said No

We were in his truck and making out then he pulled me onto his lap and took his "junk" out and tried to force me to go down on him and I told him "no" so he listened then. Soon after he put a condom on and I told him I didn't want sex so he said ok and then he payed me on my back, and I told him no two more time and he said ok then started making out with me again and feeling me up. Then he stuck it in me after I told him I didn't want it so I payed there till he finished and left soon after.. haven't seen him since.


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One thought on “I said No

  • Katie says:

    I am so sorry. You were raped. This man sexually assaulted you and then raped you. Rape Crisis can be very helpful to talk to and have good information on their website.

    Wishing you healing from this.