Everyday Victim Blaming

challenging institutional disbelief around domestic & sexual violence and abuse

I said NO but it didn’t help

It was an ordinary night out in the bar we went home with these people that seemed nice then went back to someone else's after a few hours he stared and stared at me the whole night then when we were finally alone I was feeling so tired he kept rubbing me and trying it on wanting me to kiss him I said no no but he kissed me anyways then got on top of me holding me down I pushed and pushed and then the door opened and People came in after 30 mins everyone went to sleep even me I was out for the count that was when he started to put his fingers inside me and moan my name I said no stop people are here just to get him to stop he held my wrists and put my hands on him I stared to cry and I turned my head away I was so scared he stopped when his friend woke up then he acted as if nothing was wrong then went to sleep while I couldn't breath and I was having a breakdown


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