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I never told anyone because I was drunk

Two years ago, I went for a few drinks with a male friend. After, we went to his house to watch DVDs. I was drunk but I still turned down his advances.

It was the last thing I remember before waking up the next day at 6pm, still in his house, naked and knew that I'd had sex. I had a huge bump to the back of my head with a bit of blood in my hair.

I still have no recollection of what happened. I'm pretty sure I didn't consent as I had turned him down earlier. But I don't know why I can't remember anything after that as I hadn't drank anymore.

I haven't ever told anyone as I had been drinking and i did go to his house. I thought he was a friend. It feels like rape to me, even if others wouldn't see it that way and I feel sick to my stomach when I think about it.



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One thought on “I never told anyone because I was drunk

  • Admin says:

    We are so sorry that he chose to behave like this. The law is clear – sex without consent is rape, and if you are drunk, you are not able to consent.

    Have you got any support for this issue? Our ‘Get Support‘ page has a list of agencies who can support you.

    We believe you, and know it wasn’t your fault.