Everyday Victim Blaming

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I didn’t think this would actually happen to me

We were hanging out as a group of friends. And this boy and I always hung out. Every time he would try and get me to do things with him, and I would say no and remind him I'm in a complicated relationship ship with someone. He said i deserved better and that he loved me. But I never budged. I always brought up my guys name. While hanging out, some days he would be fine and accept I said no. This time he didnt. He always says how he wants it and he knows I do too. My response to that was "not now. Or soon." So i made it clear. We went for a walk to the beach, and he tried stuff. I kept saying nothing was going to happen because I'm with someone. I said no multiple times. Then he pushed and pushed and it happened. During it, I said stop, we can't do this. I pushed him off, and he said "no, I didn't finish yet." He was on top. I couldn't get away. But maybe I didn't fight enough. I could've tried harder.


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