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I consented to protected sex only

I was friends with benefits with this guy for 6 months. We always used protection. Most of the time I didn't even have to remind him to bring it. Well one night were in bed kissing touching and getting intimate. He gets on top and starts kissing me and I feel him about to slip inside me. I tighten my thighs up and push him off of me. He's still on top but not pressing chest to chest.I say wait stop grab the condom and he says everything is ok you worry too much and he proceeds to try to slip into to me.again I tighten and tense up my thighs and I try to push him up again but this time he presses his full weight down. I say please stop! We have to use protection! But he proceeded to put his full weight down and puts him self fully in me.during the sex I was hyperventilating and tears were coming down my face.he has the nerve to say. Does it feel good baby? And I said no I didn't want it this way! He doesn't respond. He keeps going until he pulls out an finishes all over me.


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One thought on “I consented to protected sex only

  • Rey says:

    In law that is rape, and a case can be made have you contacted the Courts? In English law both Stare Decisis and statue since 2003 This UK has been based on the concept of “conditional consent”—that just because a person has consented under one scenario doesn’t mean they have consented under all scenarios.Sexual Offences Act, and that having sexual intercourse without a condom in circumstances where one partner has made clear that they will only consent if a condom is used would amount to an offense. See Halsburys, Blackstones