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How You Dress

I've recently taken a break from twitter prior to this I received two tweets from a woman on the matter of female dress who proudly prefaced that her views were perhaps controversial for a woman, she elaborated by saying it is asking for trouble if you go out dressed liked THAT (her emphasis), her second was "if you flash your knickers don't expect people not to look". Apparently as a justification for rape and or sexual assault.

The handmaidens of the patriarchy or perhaps lieutenants is more appropriate. It leaves me to wonder why women put up with force feeding, imprisonment, assault and getting trampled under horses to win our emancipation only for women to trash their achievements actively buying into the rhetoric of victim blaming rape culture.



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One thought on “How You Dress

  • Admin says:

    Thank you for submitting this – twitter can be difficult, sometimes. Hopefully we are stronger together. It is hard to see women victim blaming other women. This campaign aims to change that 🙂