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How should rape be investigated

Why didn't the police go to my house after I was raped at home by two men. For four days.by that time the house had been cleaned as I couldn't sit in it with my children anymore at which point the evidence had gone. Also I done everything they asked after the rape including a full body examination showing my bruises and broken tooth from my struggle and at first I did not give the names of my attackers threw fear I was assured that with the evidence I had given they would defiantly be convicted if I was to give their names. As I trusted the investigators I did just that. Whilst it was being investigated my mental health deteriated and I ended up in a mental health hospital with only the thought that the rapists were gonna get punished for what they did to me. Several weeks later when I was back at home I found out the police didn't even arrest or charge them only questioned them. And to make it worse I received a phone call from the investigator officer saying unfortunately their wasn't enough evidence. I have never recovered from my ordeal and do not know if the police failed me or if I am just finding a way to deal with this. The worst is that they are walking around living happy lives even having kids and I am still stuck in the past with my tramadol memories..maybe if they were punished I could have found a way to move forward.I do not know if is was because I ended up in mental health services that they suddenly decided their wasn't enough evidence. Does anyone have any advice. Is it worth me going threw all that agony again but publicly and appeal. Please help.


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2 thoughts on “How should rape be investigated

  • MJ says:

    My SOLO (Sexual Offences Liaison Officer) told me they had released my abuser without charge. When I protested I was told “it’s not nice for someone who has never been in trouble with the police before to be detained”

    She must have thought my 10 hours of questioning without support or a break was a pleasure for me on top of my ordeal…….

  • M says:

    I am so sorry you went through this, the rape & then questioning, ending up in hospital.
    I have been through it & know how retraumatising it is.
    I had no name & they never got name. No support people turn against you. Rape crisis phone line good.
    It is known that treat sv & mh survivors in inhumane & degrading way. Black cab rapist.

    Yes, You could put in a complaint.
    MJ sorry you experienced as well.
    HRA inhumane & degrading treatment. 10 hours probs others.
    Mine only 2 but have issues.
    Celibacy best way have decided.