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Helpful Boyfriend

After being sexually assaulted, while under the influence, by an acquaintance: my boyfriend asks if I'm SURE that I didn't say yes at any time, that it was partially my fault that I put myself in that situation, and that I should come home (we're long-distance) if I really loved him. I truly have no idea why I let it slide, he was an amazing ally and support AFTER the fact, and never brought it up again... It's been over a year and his comments are still more traumatizing than the assault.



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One thought on “Helpful Boyfriend

  • Admin says:

    Thank you for sharing your experience. We are sorry that your boyfriend couldn’t provide the support you needed to help deal with this traumatic assault.
    We believe you.
    We don’t believe that you could have done anything to prevent this.
    We believe the only person to blame for this assault was the perpetrator.
    Our Get Support page provides a list of agencies who can offer support to you.