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Have the police done their job properly

I am just wanting a genuine opinion about what you would do if what i explain on here happened to you.

Basically suffering with depression and paranoia a few years ago strange things were happening to me for me to believe i had my identity stolen. I informed the police and two officers a male and female came to my house to take a statement because i was sectioned 3 years prior to this after a traumatic ordeal they both fobbed me off sayung it was all in my mind and go ignore what was happening to me as it will make me sick again.

I couldnt beleive how patronising they were. Anyway a few weeks had passed and not once did i go out my front door due to my depression and the bell rung. My partner answered the door and shouted upstairs to me that the same officers were back and they wanted a word with me. I came downstairs and was faced by them same two officers lookung at me like i was a nutter. Then the male officer blurted out to me why do you keep stalking and harrasing me leaving me emails and rining the station i was in shock he carried on and as i never got back to you you are now coming to the station for me. My partner jumped in then at my defence telling him i hadnt moved out my house since the last time they came and i told him i dont even know your email address. He knew we was telling the truth and agreed that he was going to help me now 100% as he now thinks someone is going around pretending to be me. Buut did he even jnow my name i dont rhink so as when he and his partner was leaving he said he will find who the culprit is as he has that person on cctv. I thought thank god they beleive me i am not going mad after all finally someone is going to help. And then i got the phone xall the officer male officer had been back to the station and looked at the cctv image and then called me to say he was sorry and that it wasnt me on the video but it was a case of mistaken identity and that i had nothing to worry about again and basically to ignore whatever i think is happening to me again as it will make me sick again. I was dumbstruck if i wasnt paranoid before i certainly was after this ordeal. I would like to know if this happened to you what if anything would you do.

Looking back now i am fuming that the officers knocked on my door making accusations about me and they obviously didnt even have a clhe who i was as they must have found out the name of the other girl who came into the station and thought that name was mine. But surely poluce check addresses out before they go to someones house to find out the names of the people who live their. I just dont understand how such a mistake could have happenwd. And then by the way i was sectioned again not long after that as it made me really ill. What are your thoughts i really would appreciate them


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2 thoughts on “Have the police done their job properly

  • Admin says:

    I am very sorry to hear about the failure of the police to assist with your stalking complaint and with their mistaken identity. You can make a formal complaint about both issues if that is something you would like to pursue.

    Be kind to yourself. x

    • Anonymous says:

      Thankyou for your kind words but i honestly feel that if i made a complaint the police would make my life a misery.
      I just cant help thinking that i was set up to look like id gone crazy and in the end it worked.
      I mean the same two police officers had already been to my home weeks before the accusation and must have known my name and for him to come to my house knowing my name the emails and phone calls that were left for him must have had my name on and the person who went into the police station must have given my name or how else would he come back to my house thinking it was me. I really would like an answer as to how he came to the conclusion it was me when in actual fact it wasnt. Sorry for going on but i just cant grt my head around it.
      Kind Regards