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Happiness does come with time

From the age of 10 I was very depressed. Life wasn't great at home my parents split up and I was an easy victim.

I started self harming in 2010 at 13 years old which got a lot worse after I was abused a year later at 14 years old during a break from my on/off boyfriend at the time.

Now at 17 years old and after a year of counselling I am moving on with my life. 2013 July the man who abused me is out of prison (he was only given 16 months prison time along with other things) my abuser only stayed in prison for 9 months but is banned from my area till November that's when I'll be worried again that I might see him in the street so 3 months till then.

After all the pain and worry I am no longer self harming or having suicidal thoughts I am happy, life is bright again love my nephew he's everything to me. LIFE GETS BETTER FOR EVERYONE EVEN YOU!!!! <3


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