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Hi thank you for this, I'm struggling Amit at the moment about what happened to me but it's made me realise that I'm not alone, that disclosure to the police this summer was the best thing that happened, and that although I can't go through with it yet, I must stay strong, and soon rather than later he will get what he deserves. My life is still in taters three years after it happened. And at the moment I'm re living it over and over again. I was raped by my husband twice, but I was abused sexually for years, I still feel worthless, as a person and women. Help me :,)


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One thought on “Grey

  • Jenny says:

    Hi, im really sorry to read this,this happened to me also (although unfortunately my ex husband was never prosecuted, although he is thankfully not allowed to see his children and this means I don’t see him, but this was because he was later accused, but again not prosecuted for sexually assaulting his niece).
    You have done a really brave thing speaking out against him and that has required a lot of strength. You will need strength to get through the next few months and few years, but remember you have shown this strength and can do it (as a times you will find it with falter).
    It does get better, it was nearly 8 years ago, I made the report to the police, it happened 10 years ago. And I’ve gone from strength to strength, you will never forget what happened, but you will move on from it.
    I’m hoping you have people to support you and have sought some counselling for it. You are a remarkable person for showing this strength, don’t forget that and it is not your fault (no matter what you might something think).
    I wish you all the strength you need (although I think you already have it) and hope as time progresses it gets easier for you.
    Take care and remember to look after yourself xx