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Follow up to – you blamed the wrong person

Follow up to my post earlier this year.

I decided to fight back. My company sacked me in May. He was never even suspended, despite admitting sending me a picture of his erection. My employer said that is not sexual harassment as he said I asked for it. Financially it has almost destroyed me and emotionally I crashed as they ruined my reputation in the process. I am currently taking them to an Industrial Tribunal for unfair dismissal, sexual harassment, sex discrimination and victimisation.

I complained about the lack of action by the police and the way they treated me during the enquiry. He has now been charged with sending me the sexual image and I received a written apology from the police. I am still pushing for a sexual assault charge and refuse to be bullied into silence.

It's not over yet but fighting back is helping me to move on.


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One thought on “Follow up to – you blamed the wrong person

  • lynda says:

    what an amazing person and brave and courageous you are. When everything is stacked against us to stand up and say no this is not right and face the sexism in our society. Oh she’s asking for it she’s drunk taken drugs she’s wearing hardly any clothes. When actually it is our personal space are body minds not to be raped or added trauma on the already trauma we gone through. Well done for standing up for yourself no means no and your boss was wrong in not saying this is not acceptable working practice in this organisation or should be in any organisation. GOOD LUCK i hope everything goes well with your endeavour to stand up and say this is wrong. Take care kind regards Lynda