Everyday Victim Blaming

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Family is like a terrorist cell

I am in a horrible situation. My husband comes from an abusive upbringing. After years of acknowledged abuse toward me and my daughter, he escalated and physically harmed me. in the first days, his family was supportive. Then they turned on us. 25 years of knowing these people and we are thrown out like trash, while they protect the bully. He went to jail for a few days, is in domestic violence treatment, plead guilty, is on restraining order and probation. He began to abuse us further with cutting off of finances, non payment of child support, etc. Yet, his family continues to blame us and victimize us. Divorce is eminent. No word, not one from him, just a few "blame" letters to my daughter-who wants nothing to do with him. The denial is epic. Yet I feel sorry for him, somehow responsible, missing him and hating him at the same time. Seeing counselors, working everyday to fight depression and anxiety and take care of my daughter - who is frankly stronger than me. The abandonment and devastation is epic. Thank you for listening.


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