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Dressed like that it’ll be your own fault if you get raped in an alley

I was walking with a friend to our local alternative night club when I was about 19, dressed in a PVC miniskirt and a black fishnet top, when we were stopped by policemen who asked our age, but I think they were just mocking us "goths". And when I became indignant that they were hassling us and making us late for meeting our friends I was told be nice to policemen and not be so cocky as dressed the way I was it would be my own fault if I got "raped down an alley" and where would they be then? I said that I would hope the police would help me and they just laughed. Utterly horrible. I spent the night hiding under my coat as I was suddenly very aware of my outfit not as an expression of my individuality, but as a signal to potential rapists.



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