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CPS never communicate with the victim

After many years of mental and physical abuse from my husband I reported the rapes and violence after he attacked me with a knife. The CPS never told me anything and I found outtbey decided not to charge every I interview was like reliving the years of abuse all for nothing as he is laughing at me and the justice system. I shall never get over what he did to me and he continues to abuse other women who I know won't say a anything as some are proustites. He has moved within 2 miles of me and stalks me when I go to the shops and the police are not interested.


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3 thoughts on “CPS never communicate with the victim

  • Louise says:

    We read everyday about women being killed by men. Normally after abuse for many years, yet if the police took stalking and abuse seriously so many women could be saved. Also naming that it’s men who abuse who are to blame. I wish the writer of this article well in the future.

  • Katie says:

    So sorry you went through that. You are very brave for reporting him and you did the right thing, even if the justice system didn’t. The CPS refused to prosecute my rapist as well, despite loads of evidence. That’s awful that the police are not taking the stalking seriously. It might be worth continuing to report anything he does so that at least it is on record. I really hope you will be safe.

  • Ellen Morgan says:

    I’m so sorry this horrible man continues to bother you. Maybe an app like Circle of Six or Hollaback (which are designed to give you a sort of hotline when harassed) would help? It’s just a thought, because I hope you have resources when you are kept in danger so much. I wish you well.