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Child Abuse Victim

It took me well over 30 years and a hell of a lot of courage to come forward about being sexually assaulted as a ten year old child.

To have nightmares and live with it for the rest of your life is hell. No child can forget what has happened to them.

Did I get justice? No, you wouldn't prosecute the evil low life sexual deviant.

Did I want to get closure and face the sexual deviant in court? Yes I did. You never gave me that chance.

I've worked hard all my life. Paid my taxes. Never been in trouble with the law and I wasn't worth a court case. Absolutely disgusting.

Child Protection Agency? No, not to me. He's rotting in hell along with all the others now, so too late for me to get justice.

I really hope other victims do get justice, as it has sure as hell been a long time coming from this government, as far as known paedophiles are concerned.

There is no cure for them, but they are let out of jail to get at even more defenceless kids. GB cannot be called a 'civilised' country for doing that.

It is barbaric, there is no other word for it.


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